We exist so that all people may experience the fullness of God’s love which is found only in Jesus Christ.


Davey Ladner

Senior Pastor

We praise the Lord that He has called Davey Ladner as our new Senior Pastor of Finchville Baptist


Tyler habberfield

Student Pastor  

The Lord can use people of all ages for His glory and purposes. I believe the Lord does indeed use people of young ages. In Rooted Student Ministries at Finchville Baptist students will be challenged to deepen their relationships with Christ in a way that drives them to share their faith with others as they walk through everyday life. 


Ron Cheak

Worship Pastor

Life can get crazy!  All the responsibilities, deadlines and burdens of life can leave us all quite frazzled, distracted and in search of something to calm us.  In the Bible, we find that music has a way of soothing the heart, settling the mind, and focusing our attention when life gets crazy.  I have the joy of using music as a way to draw people to a place where they can let go of the distractions, worries and burdens of life so that they can hear from God.  My wife (Nancy) and I would love to meet you and personally invite you to one of our services.   


Wendy Thornbury

Children's Ministry Director

The houses we live in are as structurally sound as the foundation upon which they are built and I believe the same is true in life.  At FBC KidMin, we are laying a foundation of God’s love, peace and joy so that as children grow they may experience the strength that is found in having a firm and solid foundation.  I love having the privilege of being a formative part of children’s lives.  My husband (Frank), daughter (Sarah), son (Jake) and I invite you and your family to join us as we grow up with Jesus together.


Maria Gordon

Administrative Assistant

Details.  Details.  Details.  Somebody has to keep up with the details.  Whether it is printing worship guides, scheduling a monthly calendar or giving a guided tour of the facilities, I have the joy making sure that we all stay organized.  I would love to meet you and answer any questions that you may have about the details so stop in, call or email me any time!

Loving Jesus

Jesus loves us so we could love Him.

Loving Others

Jesus loves us so we can love others.

Loving Life

Jesus loves us so we can love life.


Biblical Preaching and Teaching

Jesus reveals to us truth for life through His Word, so we are committed to teaching and preaching His truth.

Passionate Worship

Jesus is worthy of our highest praise and adoration, therefore, we are committed to worshipping Him passionately.

Genuine community

Jesus brings all people together and unites us by our faith in Him so that we may experience authentic and genuine relationships.

Believing prayer

There is nothing too hard for Jesus, therefore,  we are committed to praying in faith believing that Jesus can and will do more than we can think or imagine.

Sacrificial service

Jesus sacrificially served us at our greatest need therefore we are committed to serving others sacrificially as well.

Extravagant generosity

All that we have are gifts from Jesus therefore we are extravagantly generous with what He has trusted us with.


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