Big Creek Missions is an inter-denominational Christian ministry center and is  recognized by the IRS as a 501c3 non-profit organization.  We work alongside multiple organizations, individuals, and dozens of churches seeking to glorify Christ in Appalachia and in the hearts of believers.

Based in Bear Branch, Kentucky, we work to connect churches and volunteer groups from across the country with needs that exist in the Leslie, Clay, and Perry County areas.

Our primary task is to locating ministry opportunities for churches who travel to our area, in addition to providing accommodations for those groups.  By connecting those churches with needs,  we are able to reach out to our community in several ways.  We offer:

  • *Free home repairs (major and minor projects)

  • *Community programs (providing volunteers and goods for multiple ministries)

  • *Children’s programs (tutoring, daycamps, clothing, hygiene kits)

  • *Food Distribution

  • *Teen Outreach

Our services are offered without regard to the person’s race, religion, or social standing.

By providing these services, and connecting churches with needs here in our community, we hope to nurture positive relationships that will continue to benefit the community here at Big Creek, in addition to providing churches a place to return and invest in this community year after year.  

Our purpose is not to degrade the people in our community by bringing in outside groups.  But rather, we hope to expose the outside groups to the rich culture and introduce people to missional living so they can go home and, having experienced a change of perspective,  identify the needs in their own hometown!